Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Which Do You Prefer?

Françine tagged me this very interesting meme. See? This meme thing really allows us to get to know more our fellow bloggers. Thanks ann!Hope to see you soon!
1. Smart or Globe: - I am using french sim card.
2. ABS-CBN or GMA: - ABS-CBN even here in france lol
3. Penshoppe or Bench: - i more like levis brand sorry
4. Avon or Personal Collection: - chanel, and dior collection
5. Sony Ericsson or Nokia cellphone: I HAVE BOTH
6. Tweety Bird or Hello Kitty: - I always love hello kitty much more if it is in pink.Je l'adore!
7. Sony or JVC TV: - jvc
8. Lee or Guess Jeans: Levis
9. Sketchers or Merell Shoes: - none of both
10. Swatch or Rolex watch: - I love rolex

Ladies, mind if you could answer this meme as well? I want to know if you gals have something in common with me. These lovely ladies are as follows:Marie,annie,ANN à PARIS

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Be smarter

As far i know now where in modern world.Services is more easier.Looking for a classified ads though net.With the help of this modern network that can help us people prefer to learn surfing.Reading news or sometimes sending messages to our love ones.But most above all we can also do small business.As like a friend of mine doing business through net.She told me it is realy work as long as if i have this courage to do.Be more confident to know all the services and the offers that sometimes they will give.She is realy happy though she is like me that stay home mom.That makes her busy for few hours while her children are in school.What she did sometimes is to buy products through net during sales then sale it through net.Sometimes she do search if there are some sites that is more interesting.Having this idea is realy good for the people wants to earn more since we know that earning is not easy if we just be more smarter.


For a week i haven't phone my family in Philippines.I felt missing them so much.Mostly that i am sick and i felt the emptiness that i realy didn't felt before.When i was with my parents mostly if i am sick i knew that my mama or papa are always there to take care of me.But now i am married i do know my husband will take care of me.But the problem he also got sick too .Now that i am feeling OK.I bought a phone card through net.Since i don't have time to go to Paris to buy so i rather to do it through net.For almost 2 years buying through net i felt more secure.In fact i was told a friend that she did buy her card through net.So i had decided the same way.Rather than paying tickets for a train which is now expensive. Paris is one of the most beautiful city in the world which means more tourist will come to visit.Most interesting is that everywhere i used automatic machine to pay.Sometimes i think this it real wonderful idea.Timeless.Well if i have just small time to go out during weekdays i will enjoy it.But i only have during Sundays which is my roller day and everything was close.So bad though since i realy love to do shopping.
While i was on the phone with my sister we talked a lot of things like where we will go for vacation.Last year i didn't enjoy too much my vacation since i solve first our major problems.Now everything are OK we are happy to have plans.On where and when we can go.I told my family that perhaps i will bring them to Singapore for 5 days.Since i will stop to Singapore.It is my Dom's idea to bring my parents with me.At least they experience vacation in real.Which is now i am hoping that everything will be ok.Hoping that now a days my family and of course me family (me and my husband) will not encounter big problems in future so that we could spend our vacation all together!

Monday, October 29, 2007


Me and dom are both sick today we don't know if it is the food that we ate last night.Me i started early morning then dom just this afternoon.It is realy hard for us.We had cancelled our vacation.We already bought our train ticket to go to belgium but we ask for refund since we are not feeling well.It is difficult because we both have each tour who can watch our son.Like this lunch i gave his lunch.Tonight it is dom's turn.Now my dom and virgile are slepping.I think me to i need to go to bed.I had terrible headache.In fact we already went to the train station but because of the weather we are not in advance so we think to change our time schedule yet since it is vacation here in france no more available seats.Then we decided perhaps to go by car.Then when we arrived home dom starts not feeling well.So he took a nap but it worst when he wake up.So we decided not to go.Better luck next time.I hope

Sunday, October 28, 2007


What a lovely day!Here in France they change the hour.Now where -1 hr than before.This morning i woke up early since it is my roller day.And my inlaws are here.They woke up earlier than me.I ate breakfast with my son.Then i take shower.At 10.30 i quit the house.Ann was a little bit late but it is OK since our roller lesson still not started.We really enjoyed practicing because they mixed the level 1 and 2 so mean Ann and me are in the same lesson.We did so many technique yet still i realy need more practice.After our lesson we ate our lunch then we did roller with our own.We had saw an area that we thought it is nice yet it is very dangerous to do roller so we had decide to go back to the place where we had practiced earlier.But we notice that there is one road that was closed and it is exclusive for those who do roller,bicycle,jogging,etc.We decided to practiced there and we are very happy that we didn't noticed that we already arrived in hotel DE ville.From Bastille we did roller up to hotel DE ville.
So now we are hoping to do it with our self then enjoy the sightseeing in Paris itself.We always feel that Paris is the most beautiful place in the world.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


It is our 6Th wedding anniversary.We planned to have dinner but my inlaws arrived so we decided to celebrated with them.They are happy for our special day of course they greet us.Dominique gave me very nice bouquet of flowers,mixed with red roses and other fragrance flowers.I am happy that he still didn't forget what i love.He also gave me a gift which is i limit my self to tell since for me materials are not important.As long as Dominique greet me and he gave flower.I also gave gifts to him which is he was very happy to received it.My inlaws had forgot our anniversary but we understand.Then at night Dominique preparing our dinner.And my i prepared our aperitif.I prepared foie gras,saumon,then mixed olive fruits and of course my favorite champagne.Dominique cooked Coquille st.Jacques.I loved this receipt of him.To much that i ate a lot!Well that's how our simple celebration of wedding anniversary.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

busy day

Very busy day.Doing the laundry,ironing the clothes,pick up virgile from his school.Cleaning the house since my inlaws will arrive again this saturday.Tired yet no choice.Married life is not easy.Happy to be with my husband and son but sad because i am alone doing this all jobs that i can't ask any help.No maid,no mother niether sister.Only courage and love that i have keep holding on.Courage because i choice the man that i love.Love since i love to serve my husband and one and only son.At night i give 30 minutes of bedtime stories to our boy.While dominique still didn't arrived sometimes earlier.So it is me who take charge.

tag by Françine

Our Better Half Tag
Sarah ganda, tagged me this very interesting meme. I found it interesting because it makes me recall my love story and the wonderful moments I had with my husband while we were still bf and gf. Thanks ganda for this tag.
This tag is simple. If you feel comfortable and your better half does too, you can post a picture of him in your blog ( but if not a description will do). May it be a baby picture anything that you like with the following:
1. First name: if he doesn’t like his name plastered all over the internet, a pet name will do.2. How and where did you meet?3. Characteristics4. Your plans 20 to 30 years from now.

1. I didn't have pet name to my husband i always call him dom.

2. We met through net while i was working as computer assitant in an internet café.First he sent me email then as i had already so many chatmate.At the time i recieved his email i said to myself not again!Then my co worker make fun of me.He said i will get married through net.So after reading dom's email i am realy not serious and it is like thunder that just after few minutes.Voila!He answered me and told that he is online and he likes to chat with me.So after exchanging words we seetled a day and a hour that i am available.It was funny when the first time he phoned me because i thought of somebody else.So and i just realized that it is dominique not the other!Then a very long story!!!

3.He is very open minded,always think a positive answer,kind of course and understanding.He always give a time for me to enjoy with my friends and family.Sometimes as normal person he have his negative character much more if he is tired.He is moddy.


Now i would like to pass this to marie

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Yester at 2 pm me and my auntie went to the airport to picked up the babysitter of my sister in law.He is a colombien.We thought we are late but in fact were just in time.The plane just arrive and the time to pick his laugage and pass to the custom takes 1 hour.So while we waited in front of the arrival area were both wondering how we recognize this guy though we didn't know his physical appearance.So what i told to my auntie that she should waited infront door and if this guy is alone it is the one .I can't stay beside because virgile ran around the airport i need to watched him.Then suddenly i noticed my auntie asked the name every person who went out she realy make me laughed.Then she found him.We went back home.It is so tiresome while were in the train to back to our house it takes 1 hours.Virgile was realy bored and me too.We arrived home at 8 pm.Dominique picked us in Massy then from there we went back home by car.

Monday, October 22, 2007

tag from lira

A tag from lira
Thanks for tagging me.
THE RULES - List of 8. Write 8 facts about yourself. In the 8 facts, you share 8 things that your readers dont know about you. At the end, you tag as much other bloggers to keep the fun going. Each blogger must post these rules first. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves. At the end of the post, a blogger needs to choose as much people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're being tagged, and to read your blog.
THE RULES - List of 7. Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their blog. People who are being tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of their blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment.

I am so frank when it comes to the personal matter. I don't like so much fruits
I am crazy of Celine dion.Her song ALL BY MYSELF makes me cry if i had problems.
I am not confortable with strangers.
I don't like people thinks that they are perfects.
I am honest to those who are honest to me.
I am emotional if i am hurt.
I will not tell that i am good but i let others judge who i am.

Now it's your turn Darlene i am tagging you.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Roller With ann

What a lovely day with my friend ann ghaffor.We enjoyed practicing roller.At 12 noon it is our rendez-vous to our roller professor.Ann is now in level 2,me in level 1.We did our roller lesson for 1 hour and a half after we took our lunch in chinese restaurant in place d'italie.Then we are so much courageous to practice again but this time it is only ourselves.We went to the park not far to the restaurant then overthere we had our self practice.Quite funny though because most to practice roller in this park are children.Their is a little boy he is 5 years old and oh my how he good to do roller and funy because he advice me not be scared.Imagine a 5 years old boy gave his advice to a mature like me.His mom realy laugh while he told me that and while he practice i talked to his mom if he took a lesson.As what i expected he realy did.It is realy nice day me and ann practice for 2 hours.Here are some photos and videos that we took.Enjoy!!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Almost saturday we went to disneyland to compensate not for us but for our little boy.He is so nice in the school and for that we gave him as like reward.But it is so cold that we didn't stayed until closing time.We went back home at 6 pm.We had bad mood when we fall in line for buzz eclair.We waited more than an hour and in just few person before it is our turn to enter they announce that there a technical problem.We are realy upset, it is ok if it not cold grr.Anyway the day doesn't turn realy bad because we took a ride of peter pan,snowhite,puppetshouse,pirate of carribian.While on the road back home.Me and Virgile fall asleep poor papa he was serious driving.He also made our dinner spaghetti boulognaise hmm.He loves to cook for us.It is realy good,Dom likes pasta so i realy observe him how to cook carbonara lol!cooking is realy not my style!Eating yes i love that!

Me and virgile!!happy even it is cold!!

Virgile with his dodo!

With papa in disney entrance!

Friday, October 19, 2007


So trying hard to know how to do roller blade that i decided to practice in our front terrace!Our neighbor were laughing when they saw me and told me that our terrace is a good place to practice.My husband was excited so he took pictures of me!I am not even in good outfit!lol!Happy i am even nabukol last week because of doin roller!


Christmas Tagged

I am tagged by marie.

1. I wish to have dinner date with Santa.
2. Santa is very kind man.
3. If I were in a room with Santa, I would ask him if can give me magic carpet so that it would easy for me to fly to philippines.
4. I think Santa should take more time on his diet.
5. Santa needs a assistant to carry all the gifts!
6. I want to dance with Santa.
7. Someday Santa will have his private jetplane!more class though!.
8. Santa reminds me joy!Because everybody are so friendly and happy.
9. Without Santa i don't have chirstmas gift!lol!.
10. My memories of Santa are same memories with my family that i treasure all my life.
11. Santa can be my husband hiding this cute custome!.
12 The worst thing about Santa is he ate to many cookies that is why his fat!lol .
13. The best thing about Santa is he didn't forget my gifts!.
14. I am thankful to Santa.
15. One thing I would like to know about Santa is how old is he now?.
16. Santa should go and start packing all those gifts!.
17. Santa kindly bring my gift to my family for me.
I am tagging Françine and lucille,and AMY
Please go to Everyday Sould Be Christmas for the template. hope you enjoy guys.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Last sunday ann and I attend a filipino mass in paris and in front of the church there some filipino vendeurs sell filipino food.i bought chicharon,toron and lumpia.Miam miam!Ann ask if she can have some chicharon so i gave some to her!Even for our first bite hmmm yummy and crispy!We forgot our diet!Anyhow it is not everyday which is real bad idea if we always said that coz it means we don't have decipline and how we can loss wieght if were tempted to this food that has so much fats!


Dom work at home.Here it calls Tele travail.He made an agreement to all his fellowworkers that they can work at home.All are happy and agreed about it much more if there's a strike.Dom decided this idea because he trust his team.And as i observe while he doin his job here, i realy heard all his team working.At 11 am he had a confcall.Yup!conference call from thailand and moscow there talking about the project that they want to resolve.I realy don't understand though i still stayed and tried to see how he work.It is realy complicated that i only saw words or some numbers.GIVES ME HEADACHE!So i decided to go down and watch JURASSIC PARK 2 i enjoyed more.This afternoon i will go to the post office to send the digital camera to Ann marie Duccousso.She will visiting her family in cebu so i had decided since it is ok for her to give this small gift to my family.And i realy apreciate.THANK YOU ANNA MARIE!!

Monday, October 15, 2007


Surfing through net gives lot of ideas!Can meet new friends sharings site and sometimes sharing ideas that can help our daily lives.It is also other way to communicate family like me that married with a foreigner and now i am so much far to my family and the fastest way to communicate to them is thourgh net.Sharing emails sometimes chat.Through internet i can easily download my photos and send it to them which more fastest way and save money.I can also read the latest news through around the world.And the most above all!Shopping!!yup more easier for me to shop online since i spent more time surfing than to go out and do shopping to the shops.I prefer to do it online which of course i shop only to the site that i've known and i know that it is safe.


I miss my family in philippines today so i bought a phone card though net.Almost whole afternoon we had talked(my mama)we shared the memories that we had during my last vacation last feb.2007.And i hope that i can visit them again next year.As we had agreed me and dom that perhaps we will visit them again and spend more time with my family and i prefer to take my vacation around in the month of fev or beginning of march so that every body are stayed in home.No work for my sister and my brother and no class for my youngest bro of course my parents can cancel thier appointments.I realy miss them.It is very strange though i already live here in france still there is something missing.Perhaps not like in philippines that our family will always be there to help us.We share laughter,tears,and problems.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Today i went to paris to learn roller blade.Ann my friend who live in paris invite me to join her.But before that i practice in our house but since i don't have any idea how to do roller i got an accident it was last sunday afternoon.I can't control my roller so i fall down to the road and bang!I hit my head it was very painful that i felt everything was turning around and i have big hmmm bukol in cebuano though i don't know in but anyhow my husband was very worried so the next day monday morning he phoned to our doctor and asked for a rendez-vous for me since i always felt pain,he took half day just to bring me to the doctor.Luckily the doctor said that there is nothing to worried about, my brain is not damage.And the most funny thing is in the next day Tuesday before my husband leave to go to work he kissed goodbye and make fun of me with his funny love phrase.JE T'AIME JANESE MEME TU AS UNE PROBLEME DE CERVEAU!I said what?lol he laughed so load and ran to his car waving his hand and said goodbye mon amour!It realy makes me laughed.
Today i decided to do roller but with a profesor so me and ann subscribe to nomades a roller shop that you can ask for roller lesson.Dom don't allow me to do roller without any professional one he is afraid that if i will have again an accident.So now i realy felt great even though still i have problem to control i felt now that ROLLER IS FUN!


I am happy that it is ok to my husband that i take 1 day every week to do roller as he said it is good for him also to be close to our son.Sunday is only for both of them while me ROLLING DAY .Saturday morning dominque's scuba lesson and afternoon family time either we go to disney land or we spend our time in shopping mall or sometimes in the garden it depends of the weather!We are happy for our time planning:-)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

French Vs English

To be a good player you need to accept weither you lose or win.Vive la france!!!

Gagné ou Perdu.Vous etes le mielleur!!!Sad that we the french team didn't won but bitting the ALL BLACKS are the most historical game!Perhaps it is not their luck but eventhough it is too much sad that we know that they played well.Streets are quite tonight to blowing of horns,no people shouting .BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME!!!


Life is not easy if you don't know what you realy like.For me i already had so many goal in life yet to achieve all this goal i need to help myself first.First to encourage that all things can be possible as long i am motivated on it!yet!Is not easy for me since i am in a 2nd country.Yes i had my 2nd nationality which is french.But it is not mean that i will forgot all my plan.Step by step i need to prove espcialy myself that i am achiever one.But there are times that even how hard you try still you will face trials.Trials can make me stronger to proceed.I am sorry i can't mention the events that for me it is quite personel though i am less sad to say it to my blog.And i will continue to my other goal in life.Passing my driving license.I know how to drive now yet i am still waiting for schedule to my driving school to pass the driving exam.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Things i did today

Today i woke up early to bring my son to his school.We leaved the house around 7:45am since the walking distance maximum 25 if we walk slow but takes only 15 minutes if we walk fast.By car it takes 5 minutes or less.So since my husband had his managerial formation in paris he can't drop our son to school:-(
At afternoon clean the house and do some household stuff.At night of course family time!!Having time together is what we used too.It is not just you had kid you can't spent time as husband and wife.Us we watch movies sometimes we talk nosense there are times that it just happen that we make fun of our pillows!yup just like when we first meet.In small times it creates more love then for that we try to keep it.Yes as a mother we are tired at night but our husband too but it is not mean that we forgot that it is important that having time each other .As what we used to say(me and my husband before go to sleep)we can makes couples more happier for a short of time.

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