Thursday, October 18, 2007


Last sunday ann and I attend a filipino mass in paris and in front of the church there some filipino vendeurs sell filipino food.i bought chicharon,toron and lumpia.Miam miam!Ann ask if she can have some chicharon so i gave some to her!Even for our first bite hmmm yummy and crispy!We forgot our diet!Anyhow it is not everyday which is real bad idea if we always said that coz it means we don't have decipline and how we can loss wieght if were tempted to this food that has so much fats!


Marie said...

Wow! ganahan kaayo ko anang imong gipang-mention diri. pastilan wala pa raba ko pamahaw, gigutom na noon ko... hehehe

janese said...

hahahah!!lagi nagpalaway ko ninyo hahahah i realy like you very naugthy

Anonymous said...

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