Christmas Tagged

I am tagged by marie.

1. I wish to have dinner date with Santa.
2. Santa is very kind man.
3. If I were in a room with Santa, I would ask him if can give me magic carpet so that it would easy for me to fly to philippines.
4. I think Santa should take more time on his diet.
5. Santa needs a assistant to carry all the gifts!
6. I want to dance with Santa.
7. Someday Santa will have his private jetplane!more class though!.
8. Santa reminds me joy!Because everybody are so friendly and happy.
9. Without Santa i don't have chirstmas gift!lol!.
10. My memories of Santa are same memories with my family that i treasure all my life.
11. Santa can be my husband hiding this cute custome!.
12 The worst thing about Santa is he ate to many cookies that is why his fat!lol .
13. The best thing about Santa is he didn't forget my gifts!.
14. I am thankful to Santa.
15. One thing I would like to know about Santa is how old is he now?.
16. Santa should go and start packing all those gifts!.
17. Santa kindly bring my gift to my family for me.
I am tagging Fran├žine and lucille,and AMY
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