For a week i haven't phone my family in Philippines.I felt missing them so much.Mostly that i am sick and i felt the emptiness that i realy didn't felt before.When i was with my parents mostly if i am sick i knew that my mama or papa are always there to take care of me.But now i am married i do know my husband will take care of me.But the problem he also got sick too .Now that i am feeling OK.I bought a phone card through net.Since i don't have time to go to Paris to buy so i rather to do it through net.For almost 2 years buying through net i felt more secure.In fact i was told a friend that she did buy her card through net.So i had decided the same way.Rather than paying tickets for a train which is now expensive. Paris is one of the most beautiful city in the world which means more tourist will come to visit.Most interesting is that everywhere i used automatic machine to pay.Sometimes i think this it real wonderful idea.Timeless.Well if i have just small time to go out during weekdays i will enjoy it.But i only have during Sundays which is my roller day and everything was close.So bad though since i realy love to do shopping.
While i was on the phone with my sister we talked a lot of things like where we will go for vacation.Last year i didn't enjoy too much my vacation since i solve first our major problems.Now everything are OK we are happy to have plans.On where and when we can go.I told my family that perhaps i will bring them to Singapore for 5 days.Since i will stop to Singapore.It is my Dom's idea to bring my parents with me.At least they experience vacation in real.Which is now i am hoping that everything will be ok.Hoping that now a days my family and of course me family (me and my husband) will not encounter big problems in future so that we could spend our vacation all together!


Anonymous said…
wow! That's a lot of toys!!!!