It is our 6Th wedding anniversary.We planned to have dinner but my inlaws arrived so we decided to celebrated with them.They are happy for our special day of course they greet us.Dominique gave me very nice bouquet of flowers,mixed with red roses and other fragrance flowers.I am happy that he still didn't forget what i love.He also gave me a gift which is i limit my self to tell since for me materials are not important.As long as Dominique greet me and he gave flower.I also gave gifts to him which is he was very happy to received it.My inlaws had forgot our anniversary but we understand.Then at night Dominique preparing our dinner.And my i prepared our aperitif.I prepared foie gras,saumon,then mixed olive fruits and of course my favorite champagne.Dominique cooked Coquille st.Jacques.I loved this receipt of him.To much that i ate a lot!Well that's how our simple celebration of wedding anniversary.