Life is not easy if you don't know what you realy like.For me i already had so many goal in life yet to achieve all this goal i need to help myself first.First to encourage that all things can be possible as long i am motivated on it!yet!Is not easy for me since i am in a 2nd country.Yes i had my 2nd nationality which is french.But it is not mean that i will forgot all my plan.Step by step i need to prove espcialy myself that i am achiever one.But there are times that even how hard you try still you will face trials.Trials can make me stronger to proceed.I am sorry i can't mention the events that for me it is quite personel though i am less sad to say it to my blog.And i will continue to my other goal in life.Passing my driving license.I know how to drive now yet i am still waiting for schedule to my driving school to pass the driving exam.