Today i went to paris to learn roller blade.Ann my friend who live in paris invite me to join her.But before that i practice in our house but since i don't have any idea how to do roller i got an accident it was last sunday afternoon.I can't control my roller so i fall down to the road and bang!I hit my head it was very painful that i felt everything was turning around and i have big hmmm bukol in cebuano though i don't know in but anyhow my husband was very worried so the next day monday morning he phoned to our doctor and asked for a rendez-vous for me since i always felt pain,he took half day just to bring me to the doctor.Luckily the doctor said that there is nothing to worried about, my brain is not damage.And the most funny thing is in the next day Tuesday before my husband leave to go to work he kissed goodbye and make fun of me with his funny love phrase.JE T'AIME JANESE MEME TU AS UNE PROBLEME DE CERVEAU!I said what?lol he laughed so load and ran to his car waving his hand and said goodbye mon amour!It realy makes me laughed.
Today i decided to do roller but with a profesor so me and ann subscribe to nomades a roller shop that you can ask for roller lesson.Dom don't allow me to do roller without any professional one he is afraid that if i will have again an accident.So now i realy felt great even though still i have problem to control i felt now that ROLLER IS FUN!