Roller With ann

What a lovely day with my friend ann ghaffor.We enjoyed practicing roller.At 12 noon it is our rendez-vous to our roller professor.Ann is now in level 2,me in level 1.We did our roller lesson for 1 hour and a half after we took our lunch in chinese restaurant in place d'italie.Then we are so much courageous to practice again but this time it is only ourselves.We went to the park not far to the restaurant then overthere we had our self practice.Quite funny though because most to practice roller in this park are children.Their is a little boy he is 5 years old and oh my how he good to do roller and funy because he advice me not be scared.Imagine a 5 years old boy gave his advice to a mature like me.His mom realy laugh while he told me that and while he practice i talked to his mom if he took a lesson.As what i expected he realy did.It is realy nice day me and ann practice for 2 hours.Here are some photos and videos that we took.Enjoy!!!!


StaLira said…
kalami pud ana jan...roller skate..
Francine Ann said…
janese gitag taka sa akong dotcom