Almost saturday we went to disneyland to compensate not for us but for our little boy.He is so nice in the school and for that we gave him as like reward.But it is so cold that we didn't stayed until closing time.We went back home at 6 pm.We had bad mood when we fall in line for buzz eclair.We waited more than an hour and in just few person before it is our turn to enter they announce that there a technical problem.We are realy upset, it is ok if it not cold grr.Anyway the day doesn't turn realy bad because we took a ride of peter pan,snowhite,puppetshouse,pirate of carribian.While on the road back home.Me and Virgile fall asleep poor papa he was serious driving.He also made our dinner spaghetti boulognaise hmm.He loves to cook for us.It is realy good,Dom likes pasta so i realy observe him how to cook carbonara lol!cooking is realy not my style!Eating yes i love that!

Me and virgile!!happy even it is cold!!

Virgile with his dodo!

With papa in disney entrance!