Me and dom are both sick today we don't know if it is the food that we ate last night.Me i started early morning then dom just this afternoon.It is realy hard for us.We had cancelled our vacation.We already bought our train ticket to go to belgium but we ask for refund since we are not feeling well.It is difficult because we both have each tour who can watch our son.Like this lunch i gave his lunch.Tonight it is dom's turn.Now my dom and virgile are slepping.I think me to i need to go to bed.I had terrible headache.In fact we already went to the train station but because of the weather we are not in advance so we think to change our time schedule yet since it is vacation here in france no more available seats.Then we decided perhaps to go by car.Then when we arrived home dom starts not feeling well.So he took a nap but it worst when he wake up.So we decided not to go.Better luck next time.I hope


i dont know what you call that thing, when you are about to go to a vacation or too excited to do something, that's the time when you will be sick.. hhmm.. oh well, get well soon.. :)