Dom work at home.Here it calls Tele travail.He made an agreement to all his fellowworkers that they can work at home.All are happy and agreed about it much more if there's a strike.Dom decided this idea because he trust his team.And as i observe while he doin his job here, i realy heard all his team working.At 11 am he had a confcall.Yup!conference call from thailand and moscow there talking about the project that they want to resolve.I realy don't understand though i still stayed and tried to see how he work.It is realy complicated that i only saw words or some numbers.GIVES ME HEADACHE!So i decided to go down and watch JURASSIC PARK 2 i enjoyed more.This afternoon i will go to the post office to send the digital camera to Ann marie Duccousso.She will visiting her family in cebu so i had decided since it is ok for her to give this small gift to my family.And i realy apreciate.THANK YOU ANNA MARIE!!