Things i did today

Today i woke up early to bring my son to his school.We leaved the house around 7:45am since the walking distance maximum 25 if we walk slow but takes only 15 minutes if we walk fast.By car it takes 5 minutes or less.So since my husband had his managerial formation in paris he can't drop our son to school:-(
At afternoon clean the house and do some household stuff.At night of course family time!!Having time together is what we used too.It is not just you had kid you can't spent time as husband and wife.Us we watch movies sometimes we talk nosense there are times that it just happen that we make fun of our pillows!yup just like when we first meet.In small times it creates more love then for that we try to keep it.Yes as a mother we are tired at night but our husband too but it is not mean that we forgot that it is important that having time each other .As what we used to say(me and my husband before go to sleep)we can makes couples more happier for a short of time.