Friday, October 19, 2007


So trying hard to know how to do roller blade that i decided to practice in our front terrace!Our neighbor were laughing when they saw me and told me that our terrace is a good place to practice.My husband was excited so he took pictures of me!I am not even in good outfit!lol!Happy i am even nabukol last week because of doin roller!

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CLC Fashion said...

ngiga nimog praktisanan uy! haha maayo na kay naa kay kagunitan dili ka matumba. Akong dalagita diri trying hard pod sa iyang roller ganiha makig-roller gyod akong nakasab-an ky namogos man, gibalibaran nako ky grabe man katugnaw karon adlawa sa gawas morag WINTER na man uy! brrr

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