Friday, November 9, 2007


It is been 3 years when i gave birth to our son.And now today is his birthday.I can't imagine how fast the days,years passing by.Yesterday me and dom are realy looked our son while he enjoyed watching his favorite children show barney.We can't realize that now he is no longer a baby.He was very happy to see all his gifts.Actually his grandparents brought so many toys that i don't even know where i to put it.They brought a house that we can put it in the garden,bicycle,books etc.His papa bought him a big box of lego which has 250's of lego inside.But the most he like most is my gifts.I bought 2 sets of car that fonction with battery.Even his papa played with him.We are happy to celebrate his 3rd birthday and for the first time he ate his chocolate cake that we bought for him.I didn't used to give him cakes because i am afraid that he might used to it and then he become obesse.He didn't even drinks softdrinks so last night perhaps he realy saw that the cake looks very delicious so he grab it and taste and suddenly he gave us a wonderful smile so means he like the cake.
We gave him simple celebration since i am not used to celebrate big party.I realy don't know why.But eventhough we are only 3 we realy enjoyed and happy.Which we prefer most as a family to be happy.Check some photos

One of the view i took.


crazed_heck said...

happy birthday to your son...

Anonymous said...

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