We missed the circus this afternoon so bad.After eating our lunch i thought it would be smarter if i let my son take a little nap so that he would be in great form to watch the circus.The problem is me and dom also fall asleep.When we woke up it is already 5 pm.We are very sad we had plan this so many times that we love to bring virgile to watch this amazing animals perfoming live.We are hoping to for next year.As what dom said perhaps there is a reason why we missed it.As he think that virgile is still a little bit sick.Better to missed everything than to force the health of our son.In any case we can bring him to disney land.I didn't practiced drive today my fathe in law is also a little bit tired so it is ok for me.I hope tomorrow they will say that it is ok for me to pass my exam.Realy difficult here to pass the driving license.I remember a friend of mine she did it for 5 times before she passed her license.Now more difficult because they will ask mechanics.And car parts.The last time i had my rendez-vous i felt they scared us to failled as they said that during doing the park,if didn't park well.I failled,if i don't know how to open the coffret i fail.So many circumstances and at that day gosh i said i am realy scared.I was already stressed during my preparation for the code.The code here in france is to study first all the rules in the road.Like the signalisation.Which side is priority.They were very strick for this one imagine out of 40 questions you need to have 5 to up.Below 5 you fail.Hopefully i was pass for only first exam.