Cleaning time

Today i am in mood to do general cleaning.At morning i do my laundry then i cleaned our entire bathroom i arranged all my son's toys and books in his private playing area and also in his room then i throw all the magazines that i think is trash.(hope it is all trash lol) because it is already happened one time that i throw everything but in fact there are some that was very important papers and when my husband searching it i told him i throw.Anyhow he didn't got mad because even himself accept that it is his fault since he didn't separate the magazines or papers that is important or trash.Well anyway i clean all our leaving room and at afternoon i played music of pussycat dolls.My son and i dance together and yup it is our little play time.We dance like a fool my son realy laughed and he always want me to stop .We dance almost an hour and after we did some like school activities we wrote,painting,drawing,reading then i played his cd title **ecole materne**l.I heard my son that he singing himself no words do but i heard rhythm.It is a very one of our wonderful day together as mother and son.When his papa arrive as usual kisses and hugs then he ran around the table his papa said hmmm your in good mood my little boy:-)