I was disappointed today to my driving school.They phoned me at lunch time just to say that my schedule for driving was cancelled since the mother of the owner are not feeling well.They told me that i will be driving with the wife and then they said that her mom is with them and she is not feeling well.I would understand for that but why didn't phone me yesterday since they are just a family friend they probably know my cell number any of my family's contact number to let me know that they are going to cancelled my schedule.I could go back home with Dom rather than staying here and get bored.Well not actually bored but could you imagine that at morning i wake up eat my breakfast then taking my bath then after watching TV until 11 then preparing lunch then eat then put virgile to bed for his nap.After that watching TV again until 2 then drive until 4 then watching tv while waiting the hours for dinner?Isn't it boring?Rather than if i go back home i can clean our house a little bit.Practice my roller blades.So many stuff to do other than spending the time watching movies.It is not i didn't appreciate my in laws.Spending their time for me to learn driving is very big advantages for me.But i don't want also to spoiled their health since they are getting older.I am realy disappointed to my driving school.Well hope next time they well not do the same way.