Today i had an appointment to my doctor since my head started again.I felt this dizzy things after my roller accident and it happens 3 times today i mean the dizzy feelings so i went to my doctor and ask if there is something wrong she told me that it is not about my accident it is different now and she told me that she already think something but she will be sure but if it will happen again i need to go back as immediately and i will do scanner for my head.She said it not my accident but there is some problem in my part of the head and she said it is nothing to be worried about.I am scared since i never felt this dizziness before and it realy weird.Can you imagine that when you lay down on your bed and when you look on the roof everything is like floating and it takes 20 minutes before it will gone and if you change positions it is the same.I even had difficulties when i picked my son yesterday but i am trying not to think about it.All i think is to see my son and to bring him home safely.When my vision start dizzy i stopped and took a deep breath until it will gone.Well i am praying that it is nothing.As what the doctor told me she will make sure first before she will tell me and as of now there is nothing to worry.


Marie said…
Hi Janese... just visiting you here...paskong-pasko na template mo... love it Jan..