Every women knows what they like.Fashion is already part of us much more for women.We are so much fun of it.At times when we saw new clothes collection,shoes,accessories.We are realy eager to have those.I accept that i am one of those women.As what we notice the latest fashion is a nuddie jean for men.When i look for some of men wearing this kind of jeans they realy looks gorgeous.I admit that my husband likes nudie style and most of his jeans are in this model.One of the latest jean fashion today like seven for all mankind jeans and most women wearing this jeans looks very sexy as like the Hollywood actresses.A friend of mine had one and i admit that she likes the new latest collection.The good thing about fashion is the more your in fashion the more you look feminine.Me myself i had some new collections of course i kept for myself and i am happy for it. Women and men are more careful on what we will wear before going somewhere.We want that other people would not say that how messy we are if were not in proper outfit.Fashion is not craziness it is a part of our lives that we know could makes us more beautiful.What i experienced that one day i went out to the mall and wearing just a very simple tshirt and simple jeans most people stared and look at me that they perhaps think i am a thief or what ever and i was so conscious that day so i had decided to be more careful now and i noticed they more friendly and even my friend she looked at me and said that she likes what i wear.She said that she's happy that i still have time to be on style.Some people that it is just waste of money.For me it is not as long as i know that i am comfortable for what i am wearing on.Most of the time i do my shopping online.Now so many sites offer affordable price for new collection.I have not so much time doing shopping to the mall since my little boy start going to school.Shopping online is a very nice idea for those people who don't have time doing shopping in malls.And as what i experience shopping online is gives me more ideas on what is the latest fashion.Very fascinating when i see the models wearing this latest collection and i am more confident for the clothes is need to be wear on that way.I am sure that i am not alone who do online shopping and checking for the latest fashion on net.