Feeling well

Dom and i are both feeling well today but our little boy still not so OK.Yesterday we went to Paris to spend time there since we don't have anything to do.At night while i was in the supermarket buying some candies for Halloween.Dom and our son stayed in the car just few minutes later Dom phoned me and told me i need to hurry because virgile was sick.There in i arrived in our car i saw my son crying.We went back home then i gave Virgil his dinner then brought him to his bed he didn't even want me to read his bedtime stories because he prefer to sleep.Just this morning still we know that he still not okay.So we prefer to stay in the house.So bad though because just in the next village there is a circus but we don't want to pressure his health.In any case dom told me that circus are everywhere just a matter of time.We let our son take his health back.Then we perhaps bring him again to Disney.There he always love for all the music and the colorful decoration.We realy hope everything would be fine.Since we plan to visit his grand parents and stay there for a week.Me i will check my schedule to pass my driving license.So that i will have to more problem and i can grab easily our car to drop and pick our son from his school.


Marie said…
that is good to know that you & your hubby are doing good. I hope your baby will be fine soon. thanks for the halloween greetings!