finally alone

hayy now i am finally alone my in laws left to went back their home.I am realy not comfortable if they are here because they touch everything.Like my mother in law washed my laundry and when she saw that i was in the room to clean she asked me so many things that i have so many clothes and i shoud stop buying.I answered it is nothing compare to dom.But the worst thing which i realy love is bags.She asked me how many bags i had i realy answered straight that it is not her problem.It is too much i realy felt that she is killing me softly i don't realy like that and i felt that i am not in my own house.So when i answered straight she kept her mouth shut then she left.I told her that i am a very nice daughter in law i realy give them the respect and love that i give to my family in philippines and i am just hoping that they will give me the respect even just a little bit.I know that it is sounds crazy but i never felt angry to her i even felt pity though perhaps she saw how her son take care of me and she saw that all important occasion her son always give me flowers.Her husband never did to her for almost 50 years of marriage.So i just felt and put it to my heart if i am in her place perhaps she just try to catch attention.So sometimes i just keep quite and leave which i usualy do if i am mad or to control my atittude otherwise i don't want that she will think that i don't have manners.


CLC Fashion said…
hala ka! gisapot ka diha janese? nagbagotbot ka no haha
Smile na lang Janese, ana jud na sahay ba lahi man gud pamaagi ning mga olders kesa nato na mga teenagers pag mga hunahuna! hehe
Kaluoy sad sa imo maman inlaw for 50 yrs na wala ginatagaan ug flowers sa iya bana?

Happy Happy Birthday kay Virgile!!!! unsay hikay nato ky mangombira ta! ;)