Going around PARIS

One of our happy day .Dom and i decided to go to paris today.First we went to my bank to send some money for my family then we walked around in near Opera after that we had decided to ate in Japanese restaurant.It was realy good and the price was reasonable for their services and foods.Dom ordered something like noodles soup.Me i ordered yakisuba and salad.Yakisuba is like fried noodles for us we called pansit.For virgile i ordered a cup of rice and i took some meat in my noodles since their serving is like good for two persons.Virgile was very hungry he ate all his food and of course my husband and me too.After our lunch we went to montgallet to buy his computer materials then after we walked for a while in our old area i mean it is in 12 arrondisement where we lived before for 2 years we take a look our old apartment and we felt funny and we bought said we missed our old apartment but we prefer our house now.After a long walked we decided to go back home.But dom stop in go sport because he wanted me to buy a new pair of roller and he wanted me to choice,of course i choose the less expensive but he read the critics of what i had choose he said it is not good so choose again another model and i had decided but the problem is?They already out of stock for my size my husband told me so bad better luck next time.:-) I told him it is ok in any case it is not urgent.And he said perhaps this coming saturday we will check on other shop.I told him don't bother it is ok.I am just a beginner and i don't need expensive roller or new pair.I hope he will listen because sometimes if he likes to buy something for me he will realy do.