Lost Profile

I decided to change my template with my own choice then a friend of mine taught me on how to do it.I did what she instruct me but i forgot to save all my html widget code and as when i already change my template i was just so sad that i lost all my widget code and a lot more.So now i need to check all my emails for the codes and the site so that it would be easier for me.It is ok though now i had this experience and i will be aware for the next time and i am thankful to my friend.She helped me a lot.I am realy eager for all this kind of new ideas much more to make my site more simple and nice.Now i make a note for the steps and the reminders so that to avoid the same mistakes for the next time changing my template.Hope you all like my template and feel free to comments me if i need more improvements or which part that you think more nice i am very open minded person.


Lazarus said…
it's really hard to change templates when you have lots of widgets installed already. When I changed to a 3-column template, i practiced beforehand using a test site.