We had decided to eat our lunch in the restaurant.I ask Dom that i like to eat Chinese restaurant but he told me that he prefer to eat in Buffalo grill.So we ate our lunch there.Dom ordered a beef but so bad that they haven't no more.So he decided to order hamburger.For me and virgile, i ordered grilled pork ribs yummy!!!It was very delicious i realy like it well virgile too.But the ribs are so much that i didn't finish.And i don't even have place for desert.Dom told me that i realy love grilled and he can't imagine how i eat if there grilled squid.Which he knows that is my favorite.Virgile didn't eat so much i know that he still not OK but we went out to have some air.Staying in the house makes us bored and we don't know what to do than watching film or cleaning or making mess.While were outside we enjoyed doing window shopping of course shopping too.We didn't go to Disney because we know that it is vacation it could be horrible to go there.Making the cue for the spectacle takes 1 hr.And it is not so much hot.We could catch cold.In any case we know virgile enjoyed doing shopping as we bought a lot of books for him.We bought his route carpet.His grandparents gives his advance birthday gift.He received cash of course since they don't know what to buy.For all that he has we can't say that he need another toy.But still we told them that we bought carpet.He realy likes it.


Francesca said…
Hi, i cant figure which part of France are you with family.

Are you in Paris?