After 4 days with my in laws i feel very happy to be back home.We realy felt nice to be back home even we know that it is sometimes tiresome because we were be the one who do the cleaning or let's say everything.For me i prefer to be in our house than to stay with others.When we arrived as usual messy.Dom is a king of mess and again in our living room lots of DVDs.Sometimes i realy told him to arrange all his dvd otherwise i will sell it through net.He was realy scared when i told him.Imagine he is a dvd collector addict.In our house we had more than 1,000s of dvd and i realy don't know where i can put some his collection.There are also books grrr it is too much we didn't even watch most of his dvd's and not even read some of his books.And now he even collect child's dvd collector.Our son had almost all the dvd episode of oui oui,dora,sesame street.And now our son loves too much to watch this series.It is OK for me since they are not voilence but sometimes i need to limit him to watch otherwise he let become lazy of his school activities.


Ana P. S. said…
Hi Janese, thanks for the Halloween greetings. How was your Halloween? I hope you had a fun one. Ok ah, regards me.