night out

Today we had decided to go to the mall of course to do shopping.At night we ate our lunch outside then dom decided to bring me to his company not inside of course since it is night but just to take a tour by car.I was surprise because it is realy huge company.And he told me that there are 3000 plus workers in this company and he said if he had time he will bring me and virgile to meet his co workers.Well i am happy because eventhough dom realy want me to know more about his job.I just remember before while his company was in antony he brought me to his office and i don't know what to do.I just say hello to everybody and his co worker laughed because they said oppss janese will see how messy her husband's office and it is realy true.Grrr since i don't know what to do i just decided to arranged everything.Dom laughed and said thank you but i brought you her to enjoy not to clean.Lol!So he introduced me to his manager let say everybody.And i realy appreciate of what he did.And it is just today i didn't meet his co workers though he looked very proud to brought me there.And i am happy for him as long as he is happy to his job.We went back home around 9 pm it is already quite cold.Unfortunately were in the car.So it is ok.