Now my little boy

Yup that is the little boy who was wearing barong for my other blog issue Title **Growing up**
This picture taken to paris i don't remember the name of the studio sorry but anyhow it is realy funny during this day.We don't know why virgile realy happy he sat on the chair and realy laughed that the photographer had difficulties to take the best photo of him.Most photo that she took is virgile are turning the chair,or while showing his favorite stuff toy or any funny things that realy make us laugh.Then suddenly he stopped and posed and the photographer realy she was very attentive on when he will be more less active and voila!This is the result and as you can see he is realy changing yet the only thing that doesn't change is his smile.I took some copies of this photo to send to my family,with my inlaws and my favorite auntie here in france.I also gave some copies to his school.Funny though while watching those moments of smile to my son.My husband and i realy are realy happy to have him and we hope that we could give him more love and more happiness.