Quite cold

Quite cold today.I realy don't like it first i always had headache then i can go out without wearing those winter clothes and winter accessories like gloves,caps,Bootes etc.Just like this morning before we bring our son to his school we had notice that our car was frozen i mean the mirror is froze and while we waited dom to get hot water to melt those ice i felt also freezing.Funny though because while i was in my country i always dream to feel the weather in foreign country to see the snow and how they celebrated Christmas.Now it is the contrary i feel missing the sunrise and the warm weather and most of all the Christmas celebration.In my country is realy different on how we celebrate Christmas and how i wish i could spend another Christmas there.But now i know it is more difficult since i have my own family means i rather to spend this wonderful season with my husband and our son.Now for me i didn't feel Christmas's if i am not with my husband and my son.Funny isn't it?Life is changing for me.Now i need to make decision not only with myself but with also to my 2 beloved men(my husband and my son).Hmm


Unknown said…
You have a lovely blog. Thanks for sharing with the world.