School day

First day of the week for school and as a parents we need to wake up early to bring our son to his school but this time it is only dom drop him since he need to go early to his seminar in velizy.I told him to gain time better he drop our son alone then go directly to his seminar rather than i will go with him then he need to go take me back home.And he agreed about it but even it is only him who drop our son to school i still wake up early because it is me to give breakfast to our son and to change him or let say to prepare him for his school.It is nice because we both have our time management and we bought happy on it.But at 11 am it is me who pick our son of course by foot and again it takes 25 minutes maximum for me.It is ok for me to go to my son's school but the most i hated so much is the weather since now it is realy cold and sometimes it's raining could you imagine?I go by foot and this kind of weather?Hmm i realy need to pass driving exam so that i could easily take my son by car.I told my husband if he could let me borrow his car and he said no.He told me better to avoid accident and pay for penalties since i still don't have license and he encourage me to wait a little bit to pass and he will let me use our car.I am not demanding him to buy me new one for me the old car is enough as i am still begineer and it is less cost for insurance.He is happy for that he said that i am realy not difficult wife hmmmm...he just said that because he himself still don't like to buy new car...In short we still don't have budget for that...Practical right?