Stay at home

Since it is quite cold now.Today we decided to stay in the house my husband install his computer materials that we bought then me and my son are playing with his toys and sometimes i teach him how to write even it is realy not a very formal but at least i teach him how to make circle and how to hold his pens sometimes we do clay games.At afternoon i ironed some clothes and my husband and my son went out to buy snacks they bought pain au chocolat et croissants it is good with hot tea and hot milk for our son.We bought eat our snacks then we decided to watch barney for a little while.Our son love so much barney he even singing with it sometimes he tried to count since they showed numbers.Now our son knows how to count up to 10,he didn't pronounce it well but realy we know that his improving.
In school he is ok he don't cry anymore while we leave him with his teacher but he never forgot to give us kisses and hugs.Yup it is realy feels great when our son do this small caring we realy know that he knew himself that how we love him so much