Strike again here in france.And i am so much had headache asking why.But i am happy because my husband worked here in the house he called it teletravail since he don't like to work in his office alone so he prefer to stayed home.He been working since yesterday and today perhaps also tomorrow.I like that he work here in our house reasons?1.I am not alone to eat my lunch 2.I noticed my son more happier if he see his father 3.We took our tea time together of course snack time for virgile then of course i felt happy to if i see my husband how he work.Time to time i asked how is it?if there is any problem?Or if he finished his conference call.Conference call is like in any messenger or chatting that they connect in one line then they talk about their projects or any problems about the job.I am realy interested of his job yet it is not so easy to understand much more it is not my specialty.I studied management accounting so it is too far to computer engineering but i love to learn everything if i could.As what my husband said i need to put more time to understand everything.Well everyone has their own choice either to learn or not.Me i prefer to learn as like learn how drive,learn how to read and write french.