This day busy of surfing on which i can found more updates on my blog.Checking my emails,chatting with my friends.Reading information about anything.So much busy that i didn't do something not even wash our laundry.But it is ok since i am the boss here(of course if i am alone lol)Crazy day because it is raining while i picked up virgile to his school and i forgot to bring his stroller's rain protection and my umbrella.So when we arrived home it is like were taking a shower and it is funny because while i am busy opening the door virgile always said...ohh la la la...perhaps he realy knew that he is wet and cold.But i gave him a glass of water hoping that he will not get sick.And thank to god!Well next time i will prepare everything.I realy didn't think about it.I first think to bring my bluetooth but not this rain stuff.I hope i didn't catch cold because since yesterday night i had terrible headache and also today i just take paracetamol.But i always drink hot tea and i also always give hot milk to virgile which he likes it.Perhaps it is because of the weather and he feels cold so he knows that he feels great after drinking his hot milk not so hot though.