Ten Favorites

I am thinking this past few days of what are my favorite things in my life.

1.For movie i love FAR AND AWAY played with tom cruise and nicole kidman.Realy touching

2.For food i love SUSHI well actually i just started to eat shushi when i got married fist my husband want me to taste it but since i am not used to eat cru (sorry don't know in English) i feel weird when i watch my husband eating but then one day i am realy eager to taste how is it.I was just surprise the taste.Realy amazing it is very delicious and voila!now i am addict of sushi.

3.For activities i love PLANTING but sad to say here in our garden i can't plant so much because of this giant crying tree that takes all the good land and it cause all my plants die.Sad isn't it?But we are planning to cut it off.We are just surprise the cost well i will not tell because you might surprise.

4.My favorite collections..Hmm i love bags so much even though i know that i already have a lot i just can't control it.About clothes not so much i am not fashion victim but there are times that i like to buy but not to wear it.But bags are different for me.Then of course followed with shoes.

5.My favorites song...SOMETHING STUPID by robbie williams and nicole kidman.Don't ask why it personal ;-)

6.My favorite part of the house...i love to stay more in the bathroom..much more when i am taking my bath..i feel very relaxing with smell of scented candles while closing your eyes and feel the warm water in it.

7.Our favorite trip when we still don't have child...Is during our cruise trip to BAHAMAS while most of the people are busy in the dance floor.While us where outside sitting on the floor watching the sunset talking nonsense.We realy treasure this moments

8.My favorite Roses and LILYS any colors...And i know my husband knows that i like roses.During our 6Th year anniversary he gave me a bouquet of red roses mixed LILY FLOWERS...i realy love it.

9.Favorite cosmetics brands are CHANEL AND CHRISTIAN DIOR it is because most i used other brand i had allergies on it.Or perhaps i am not used to put cosmetics that is why.But i had this cosmetics brand that my husband bought for me.

10.Favorite singer is CELINE DION i love her song title**BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME**And i hope i could watch her concert here in Paris with my friend who also like Celine.Want to know who?Well her name is Amor..Yup lucille and amy you know her:-).Celine's concert is this coming may 2008 but i am not sure if i am still back since we are planning to go to Philippines and be back on may so hope i still can watch her.


Amy said…
yup nice song bitaw na.. love it too! toud, komusta na si amor?