Walking time

We stayed home at morning then while we eat our lunch we watched movie but at afternoon after virgile's siesta we had decided to walk around and we realy enjoyed it.We looked our neighbor's houses and then we had decided to walked up virgile school since there we can see more beautiful and huge houses.We already saw one that we both love.It is modern type of house and we are sure it is also modern budget.:-) hmm let say 1.5million as what dom told me.We bought enjoyed and of course virgile he loved to go outside and even it is raining we bought laughed when virgile said ohh lala he is not wet of course.I put his stroller's rain protection.And i bring some umbrella for us.We even noticed that there are also crazy houses.small but realy funny.We started to walked around 3 and we went back home already 6 pm.We are both happy so small time we enjoyed.