Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy new year

New Year

Happy new year to all!We will celebrate new year in my place.Sorry for all my friends that i forgot to invite.This past few days i was very busy planning new year is quite short for me.Now we are hoping to celebrate more fun hope you forgive me.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

At last

Huh now i can rest.Since a week we have visitors here in our house most of the night we went to paris for night out.We took a tour all around paris by car and it is nice but tiresome.Imagine we went back home mostly midnight and i don't even have time to clean our house and not even to the washing now my laundry is horrible.Anyhow it is nice and fun since my son was very happy to play with his cousin.They enjoy making fun and fighting for vtech sometimes psp 3 even my son don't know how to play.Well me i am very exhausted we went back from paris around 4pm.We drop them to the train station it is very traffic in Paris that can gives you head ache.I hope when i pass my license i will not drive to paris.Parisian people are so much hypertension.Perhaps it is too crowded now.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Night out paris 2

It is our second night out in paris since we need to cancel our Disneyland plan.We went to paris to picked up virgile's cousin and his jeune au pair.They went to Cite Exposition which they can explore.Me and virgile stayed in the house whole day we waited when the two men finish cutting our big tree at the garden then at night we went to saint Lazare to let the children see the Christmas decoration and puppies animation in the shopping windows or vitrine.My son was very amaze of all those puppets moving,singing and dancing.While so much busy watching my son.We lost twice Antoine in the area we are very scared since SO many people around and this child is very active that you should not let turn your eye for a second otherwise you will lose him.Will after the Christmas deco we again tour around Paris by car and we enjoy making fun each other.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Need extra money

After Christmas we all knew that we expense a lot but still life is go on.Some do credits to buy gifts.Other's do poker calculator on which easy way to gain money and more fun.As my cousine's husband he love doing poker odds.There are some nights after his job he went out to join holden calculator and after few hours he went back home with a big smile.He really win a lot of money on it.And he give us small amount to buy gifts for ourselves.Isn't that nice?.Actually they just stay in the hotel since his husband is a chief cook in one of the famous hotel in our place.Her husband loves playing this game and it is not mean that he is an addict he said it depends of the person.So as we know that you could gain a lot if your just be smart and remember still not too late to buy gifts.

Bateau mouche @ paris

This night we went to paris to join the jeun au pair of Antoine.We decided to meet him in Eiffel tower and it is very funny because he was lost and it takes 45 minutes for him to walk by foot since he is more safe if he go by foot.We told him to ask direction but he said he saw the Eiffel tower as we know that it is very big that we can see in far.But any how we did to meet us and then we went to explore in bateau mouche in paris and i was a little bit upset because we let the jeune au pair used my digital camera and i don't know what he did.He changed the settings and now each time i tried to take a picture it is foggy.It is really sad not to take pictures on this moments that we had share.I knew that he was a little bit scared because he tried to fixed but i didn't let him in fact i fixed it in myself since i know more my camera.

Tag from amy

Got this tag from Amy. Thank amy for the tags that you had send me!The rule: When you get tagged, you have to add your name below the person who tagged you and by doing so you are letting the list grow.I love trains too! most especially the TGV's (High Speed)ones. This is our means of transportation everytime we went to Paris.. w/out it, going to Paris by car wouldn't be easy for us. Anyone wants to have a ride with me? Here, I come!! Chou chou!!
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Now, i'm happy to pass this tag to: Yvi,Rey

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Picture taken during 24th of december 2007.We are drinking our champagne as aperitif.

As we know we celebrated christmas this past few days.In our family we celebrate as simple one.We ate our dinner of course we prepare delicious foods then we talked sometimes laughed sometimes serious and of course children enjoy playing together.In our family it is like we did small tradition.After a long dinner we waited until the young ones went to bed before putting all the gifts .We had difficulties to segregated the gifts since it is too much.We had a very nice night dom cooked a very delicious meal.It is mixed with langoste and other seafoods,he knows i love seafoods.And it is very good with champagne i was a little bit drunk but it is realy fun.

This are all the gifts!!Pere noel already passing by and we help him to put the gift:-)

Friday, December 21, 2007

Medical Assistant schools

We think the good future not for ourselves but also for our children's.So many courses now offers in different schools but the problem is.Are we sure that they really have a bright future?Medical course is a very good course much more to finish in one of the best medical assistant schools.In training medical schools we know that they have a good medical assistant training programs that helps our children to pursue their bright future.We do know that this course is not so easy so that is why we do want that our children will be well prepare on any medical assistant programs much more this kind of course is a very competitive one.Some people change and prefer to do medical jobs.Since we do know it is easier to find a job if you just have good schools and good training.We do know that being medicine is stressful but it can be helpful if there is a very good school that we know they are always their to help and guide our children on the proper and good education.So many of my country men are now studying medical course even it is hard yet also the good things if the student must be focus in his goal.And to achieve this goal we need to find a nice medical assistant schools.We just always remember better to guide our children for their bright future otherwise it might happen one day that they might regret us that we did not give them more time and guidelines and i know that it already happen for some of us.We already put it in our mind better to lead them on their goal because it is only for their own good and one reason is we are always not there for them if they didn't achieve it.Better to help them as soon as now rather than later.

Shopping with ann

Today i went to paris for personal reason then ann phone me that she likes to join me so we set an place to meet each other since i am already in a good place for shopping.In chaussee d'antin where we can go around in printemps,galaries lafayette etc and some boutique as like as Maje.We enjoyed our afternoon shopping we didn't buy so much since we know that it is not so nice to expense a lot for unreasonable stuffs.We enjoy taking pictures for the beautiful lights

This beautiful christmass lights is taken in Printemps boutique they decorated all the way to their hallway.
This one is in Galaries La fayette it is very beautiful in real normally they put artificail snow but i was too late when i took picture but it is really magical.
See the photo?Even it is cold ngisi gihapon:-)We don't care on other people busy buying gifts.One of our happy day!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Picture taken during our shopping at fnac.See how busy they are checking gift idea.Virgile really loves books in fact we bought him a big book of LA Fontaine FABLES and he can't sleep if didn't read him one or 2 stories every night.Sometimes if he awakes he try to open and check the drawings on this book.Each time we went to fnac while Dominique checking DVDs while me and virgile checking children's book and he just phone me if were we are.Lol i prefer not to bother dom to choose his DVD.It is convenient for us in fnac since they allow children reading books.

At Supermarket

We went to supermarket to buy some foods then we just happy to see this new small cart that it is possible to roll with children.Virgile was amused on the cart and he looks very serious following us and each time we choose something he want it to put in.He is really happy and now we had excuses to let him busy thanks for this new cart idea.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Bag collection

Today i arranged our guest room since my inlaws where coming to celebrate christmas in our place.I was just surprised my box of bags where i kept them.My husband said oh la la les sacs de madame.But he is happy for me because he knows that it is nothing compare to his dvds.
These are the 3 photos of my bag collection they are my assorted brand bags like longchamp,LV,Solola and etc.I also have 5lancel bag collection i have 5 lancel,gucci,le coq sportif
too,quicksilver,burberry,guess,lancaster,ddp,and some bags that i bought in philippines; -)
You might wondering why so many bags well for me bag looks me more feminine.I love to match my bag with my dress or clothes.So it takes time for me to decided on which one that could match.I know it is just craziness but i am happy on what i had collected.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Again shopping

It is really busy day since it is near Christmas so minutes is very important for us.Today we went to the mall to buy gifts and it is crazy so many people that it gives me headache.We didn't stay long at 5 pm we went back home since we bought had headache people likes panic buying everywhere.Most in electronics mall and i told my husband that if he still want to buy something better he will do it online and he said ok since he also understand and even him don't like to make cue to pay and he hates that.So there is some gifts that he didn't saw it in the mall he bought it through net.Well today i just happy that i received my 2 lancel bags that i order in net and i am very happy.My husband said it is nice and he told me that it is ok even i bought those bags since if he compared the price on what he bought for his DVDs and PlayStation's 3 stuffs it is less cheaper.And i am happy that he didn't make comments on it.Perhaps he feel that i am very open on any thing.

Friday, December 14, 2007


We went shopping tonight in Fnac.We bought gifts and i was just surprise that what my husband bought as a gift for his son.Our son already spoiled about this modern games or products.As i remember when we went to Singapore last march 2007 my husband bought dvd portable and Nintendo ds for his son even our son already had his game boy.Now he again bought another gift that i am sure our son will be happy to recieve it.It is ok for me because i know that it is for my son.In any case my husband already bought me so many things as like Sony Ericsson Deck Stand Speakers for Sony-Ericsson W850i and the accessories of his blue tooth he said it is nice to match with my cell.I told him it is not necessary but it was already too late he bought it when he went alone shopping in Singapore's computer mall.While me shopping alone too.We prefer to separated in terms of computer shopping since i am not so much addict about gadgets and i feel bored in this mall.Hope that for this Christmas gift it is not so much since for me it is just cost too much if he bought as expensive as he bought for his son.The more important for me is to be complete and happy this Christmas season since i feel that it is so much quite celebrating Christmas here.I miss my family in Philippines so much.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thankful tag from Lazarus

Thankful Tag
I am thankful to received a thankful tag from Lazarus.
Here it goes:
List 10 things that you are thankful for.2007
For so many good happens in our family this 2007 which it is very difficult to choose which one is the best thing happen for this year

1.A surprise gift for my ph family.I am thankful to my husband that everything happen to me or my family in philippines he always there to comfort me.I know that he do his best for us and i know the he do his best to support my family in philippines.

2.New confort for my family in philippines.I am thankful to build their confort since they were kicked out by their landlord.I start constructing their small confort place then i let them finish if they have enough money though i can't give them all since i already help them for the lot and for the small part of the house.I am not strict yet i want to let them see that i also need their support for themselves.Me and my husband already help a little but it is not mean the we stop helping still if their is emergency happen they know we are always there for them.

3. Ebusiness. Happy to continue my ebusiness it helps a little.And now start little business and hoping very thing will be ok!

4.New cellphone.I do have cellphone but this year my husband bought me new one.I am happy to have it the good things are he also bought the accessories as like Sony Erickson Deck Stand Speakers and his blue tooth.

5. For my husband's job. i am thankful that he was promoted as a manager in his job.I am happy because now he travel less than before and i prefer to be with that thinking so many things if he travel.

6. New Sport.Just this year i started my new sport like roller blade.Yup still courageous to do this sport even I've got an accident.Well why stop if i am very motivated lol.

7.New lancel bags.I love so much bags.I don't care if it is branded or not as long as it looks nice but this year i didn't notice that i bought 4 pieces of lancel bags different models.

8.Blogging,As we do know that i start my blog well hoping to earn online.It helps me also to update my profile and let my family read and hear how i am now.

9.Friends.Some friends is just like a wind they come and go.But i am happy to have a special friend this year and hope we will be more happier next year.For my new friends don't hesitate to email me so that you know me more.

10.The last is last vacation in php.I am very happy to stayed my family during my vacation in php.I stayed 1 month but it is too short for us and i already missed them so much.

Now i pass this tag to jackie,marie

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Merci Amy for this beautiful blog.I am really appreciate to received my first passing award ever.Hope more awards soon.Now i can say to myself that at least someone appreciate my blog.I am still very grateful.Thank you to all who spent time to visit my blog.Now i pass this award my friend ANN From PARIS.Grab it baby!!!!:-)


I am thinking what would be the best gift for my son.He already had a lots of toys.Books is worst so many that i don't even know where to put them.My husband already knew what he will give to his son but me i really don't have no idea.I know it is strange but i told my husband now i am thinking to give him something that can help our son in the future and he agree on it.So i hope it is ok to give this kind of gift for him.I will not mention it here since it is still not Christmas yet.For my husband i already bought some and i hope he will be happy to received it since one of my gifts that i ordered he already open and used it grrr.He didn't wait until Christmas.Anyhow hope that this coming Christmas it will be joyful.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Play together

Tonight we enjoyed playing ball with our son.We played just after we ate our dinner even though i am not feeling well still i played with my husband and our son together we saw how happy our little boy throwing his ball and if we can't catch it he said oh la la then laughed so much fun the we hadn't notice that we left glass on our table and the ball hit one of the glass and it fell down of course broken.Virgile run and he thought that it is his fault but we told him it is an accident then he gives us hugs.Now we really know that he start to understand everything on when he thought that he do bad things but most of the time we didn't shout to him we tried to explain in a very low voice.


Now of this days so many online chatters.Majority are teenagers join to teen chat for free.They having friends world wide and the good things now is you can chat lines.Teenagers can do phone chatlines it is the other way on how they communicate their chat mate.In fact i am also doing free chat i meet new friends share ideas about life and etc.Now it is modern that you can do free phone chat.Amazing isn't it?You can phone and join this phone chat online and if your friends or your chat mate are no online your not online you can easily leave message so that they will know.Life really more easier now and we are lucky that we still can join easy this chatting ideas anytime .

Not ok

I got sick since yesterday and today is worst i don't have any voice at all my son laughed when he hear that i tried to talk to him but no voice are out.He thought that i play with him.I think i catch cold last time when i went out or perhaps dom give me is microbes lol.He was sick first before me and as what we said the last one who will be sick is the worst one.Hope it will be ok soon since i hate to get sick i can't do anything.

Monday, December 10, 2007


It is a busy day my phoned never stopped ringing.I received so many phone calls from some of my friends and at night can't stop chatting to my friend who live in le havre.She just arrive a year ago so she told me that she is excited for her first Christmas ever in France.She said hope it would be the same as Philippines.So i told her it depends of the family i mean her husband's side on how they celebrated Christmas.Us it is only simple but i prefer most is in the next morning is opening our gifts.Speaking of gifts i received my Christmas gift today but still it is not time to open.I am already excited.

I was tagged by Amy

I was tagged by Amy. Thanks a lot amy.Here's the rules :Take the test and see which grade your blog is.Make sure to link back to me on your post.Tag at least one person.When you're finish taking the test, come back and comment here so I can check your post.
cash advance

See na genius man kalit ang result hahahah so karun imo napod lucille.

Now, i give this tag to a fellow blogger lucille.


Having fun last saturday night me and my friend ann that we enjoy taking pictures around paris at night.With the beautiful christmas lights all around it makes us feel christmas is near.We took pictures of the very well known Eiffel Tower while the lights are sparkling all around.This photo taken in L’avenue des Champs-Élysées.So many tourist even the weather is horrible,raining and windy of course where one those people.But we realy enjoy.It is taken around 1 am after we finish our drink in one of the nearest bar.Then we went not so close to Eiffel Tower just to take photo.Look the second photo nice isn't it?We do love watching eiffel tower.
We are still quite far but we see the lights on it.So i enjoy taking pictures while ann busy phoning her babe.:-).

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Girls night out

Yesterday me and ann hanging around in paris. We when out around 1 pm then we decided to eat our lunch in japanese restaurant hmm yummy my favorite and then ann ask my help of choosing a gift for her niece's birthday so we enjoy choosing clothes so many that he had difficulty on which is the best and we ended in baby gap boutique.At around 5 pm we drink a hot choco in fnac coffee shop then we went to watch the grand spectacle and it is realy amazing as when watch the CABARET realy funny and a very interesting dance musical show.We realy enjoyed watching then after the show we decided to go back to Champs-Élysées there we enjoy taking pictures.Much more now they put they wonderful Christmas lights.Some photos below


A friend of mine have a daughter which now preparing to go to university.Her daughter has good notes yet sometimes she told me that it is better to have somebody who could give her daughter of some ideas for her custom written research papers.Someone who could guide her on where she could purchase term paper.She knows that her daughter is a good student but sometimes the schools give so many assignments that she notice her daughter is more stress and luckily now her daughter told her that one of her schoolmate share the ideas that she as a research paper writing services and now they are more confident that they done well their school papers.

Friday, December 7, 2007

10 Wishes for christmas

Wishes for Christmas.
1.To have good health
2.More happiness
3.More courage to face any future trials in our relation
4.Be more motivated to learn how to cook
5.Give love to our son as much as we had given to him now.
6.More patient for household cleaning
7.To obtain my driving license
8.Always not to forget to say thank you to whom that i think spent time for us.
9.More friendly and less shy
10.More creative of everything

Online slots

Longing to play online?So site propose online play slots.Lots of games online and win with enormous price.As of now over 100,000 players registered to play slot manchine worlwide.A friend of mine registered and played one of the slot machines and she won dollars.Could you imagine the opportunity that he had to earn money.Now play as your in Las vegas.No more worries of dreaming to play slots since now you can play online.More you play more you chances to win big prices.It is worldwide online slots a very interactive games play for who wants to experience unique game slots.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I got paid

I was realy surprise that i got paid from sponsoredereview.It is not big though but it encourage to be more patient until some site will accept my blog since i understand also the rules it need 90 posties and i still not have this limited Post.I just need to be more courage to update more post so that they will accept soon.They paid me in dollars so it is ok better than nothing.
Today i need do so much i tried to paint our toilet but i guess i am not professional that i put painting everywhere.My husband told me that he will be the one to do it since i am already occupied with our son.Yup we change the color of our toilet before it is wall paper now we decided to paint.

LCD and plasma

I was curios for the advantages and disadvantages of LCD and plasma.So while surfing i found this interesting issue and i hope it could help to everyone who have the same curiosity as mine

Plasma vs LCD
The ADVANTAGES of Plasma over LCD are:
1. Larger screen size availability.
2. Better contrast ratio and ability to render deeper blacks.
3. Better color accuracy and saturation.
4. Better motion tracking (little or no motion lag in fast moving images).
The DISADVANTAGES of Plasma vs LCD include:
1. Plasma TVs are more susceptible to burn-in of static images.
2. Plasma TVs generate more heat than LCDs, due to the need to light of phosphors to create the images.
3. Does not perform as well at higher altitudes.
4. Shorter display life span (about 30,000 hours or 8 hrs of viewing a day for 9 years) than LCD. However, screen life span is improving to as high as 60,000 hours. due to technology improvements.
LCD television ADVANTAGES over Plasma include:
1. No burn-in of static images.
2. Cooler running temperature.
3. No high altitude use issues.
4. Increased image brightness over Plasma.
5. Longer display life (about 60,000 hours - at which time all you may need to do is replace the light source, not the entire set). This can vary according other environmental and use factors.
6. Lighter weight (when comparing same screen sizes) than Plasma counterparts.
DISADVANTAGES of LCD vs Plasma televisions include:
1. Lower contrast ratio, not as good rendering deep blacks.
2. Not as good at tracking motion (fast moving objects may exhibit lag artifacts) - However, this is improving.
3. Not as common in large screen sizes above 42-inches as Plasma. However, the number is growing fast, with some LCD sets having a screen size as large as 65-inches now available to the general public.
4. Although LCD televisions do not suffer from burn-in susceptibility, it is possible that individual pixels on an LCD televisions can burn out, causing small, visible, black or white dots to appear on the screen. Individual pixels cannot be repaired, the whole screen would need to be replaced at that point, if the individual pixel burnout becomes annoying to you.
5. LCD televisions are typically more expensive than equivalent-sized Plasma televisions (although this is changing), especially when comparing EDTV Plasmas to HDTV-LCD Televisions.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Finish Christmass tree

Voila our simple but full of love Christmas tree lol.Well i say full of love because we realy help decorating this our Christmas tree and ever since it is the first Christmas tree that our son help and we realy see how happy he is.Hope that it would be the same for our Christmas's eve.As tradition we will celebrate the Christmas eve with my in laws but this time we are not sure if we will celebrate it in our house of in my inlaws house.Last year we celebrated in my sister in law's house.We are very happy lots of gift for children of course i received a wonderful gift from my in laws and one of my husband's gift is an orchid flower.

First Christmas tree

When dom arrive home virgile and me were very happy to see that he brought a real christmas tree so i took a scissors to unwrap the christmass tree while our son is so much excited to that he want to help me.Check the first photo.

Virgile is very excited when he saw his papa bring this beautiful real christmas tree.He tried to remove the unwrapped it of course at this photo he just pretend we didn't let him touch any dangerous thing much more knife and scissors.Then when we finish unwrapping.He see the ornaments for the christmas tree and as he always watch the barnie dvd episode a NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS he knows it is the same from his dvd so he is realy happy to put his first ornament ever.

The third photo is his first Christmas decoration it is his first time putting the ornaments ever.Realy serious as you can see he don't even want me to help him.

Fourth photo is the serious virgile decorating his Christmas tree.While we enjoy taking pictures of him he don't care how busy we are all he wants to do is putting his ornaments.

Bravo virgile!!!He is very happy putting his first mistletoe.Even his papa is happy.Since virgile can't reach the top so his papa carry him and let him put this mistletoe.Now we will continue decorating the christmas tree.But i put virgile to his room is it is a little bit late and he has school tomorrow.He will be just surprise that our christmass is finish tomorrow.


I was invited from a friend for a new year party in her place but i refuse since i am not sure if i will do it in my home like before with my friends but i need to make plans now since it is not far for the big celebration anyhow me and my husband still planning for it.He told me that it is better to celebrate it in our house since we have child and less fatigue.I agree on him since not so tired if about dish cleaning since here in france we just need to put in dish machine all our dirty dishes and i am happy to celebrate here in our house.Even our house is not so big but i am happy to accommodates my visitors.Still we are planning.

Change template

For so many times that i had change my template now i feel comfortable for this latest template that i had found.I am realy grateful for my friend who help me for the ideas on how changing the template.Now each time i saw latest template i am tempted to change yet i should focus on one template it is tiresome to update everything and to check the other widgets that i had deleted.Hope that it is more easier for my reader's to read my blog in this new template of mine.I hope that it is not difficult to read and more comfortable for them to view my photos and videos.I am thankful that there is still other site that offers free template it is realy helpful for those who still trying to improve their blog.If you think that i need to improve something don't hesitate to send me message in my shout box.For me it is not bad if you think it can improve my blog:-)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Feel bored

I don't have to much to do this day since i just arrive from my in laws place and i feel bored so what i did i phone my family in Philippines for an hour then after surfing then watching tv.At afternoon i play with my son and we realy enjoyed.I know it is like routine for me and sometimes i am bored on it.So that is why i told my husband that life is boring and he laugh he said ohh la la it is sounds bad he know that each time i said that i need to go out or else c'est catastrophe.He told me that he will buy Christmas tree today the real Christmas tree so that i will be busy putting decorations and i will not feel bored.He realy know his wife.Well perhaps i just feel this way since it is near Christmas and we all do that Christmas's in other country is realy different to Philippines.Imagine we can't hear Christmas songs no caroling so quite not like in Philippines.As i choose married life i must used it if Christmas season but realy different even i am already been here since 6 years still i miss the holiday season in my family.

Monday, December 3, 2007


Today me and my father in law went together for my driving lesson.I drive for an hour and he told me that it is ok but he notice that i am lost of my mechanics.Of course it is not easy for me since i am used to drive his car than the car of my driving school he told me that i will took some hours and practice for week before the exam so that i will use to it.After driving we went to marche saint Nicolas.It is like market where you can see cheap items and even known shops offers big discounts.I bought 1 pair of black boots since it is realy cheap and pure leather.I check for bags not so much nice.For clothes i ask my husband's opinion he said they are not nice since most of the time we crossed women that almost they same clothes.So he told me that it is not so nice if you can most the style are the same.Well i understand because even me i don't like so much that i see other girls that wear the same clothes as mine.At night we went to the manage.It is carnaval and our son cries when he notice that we will going back home.He loves the children caterpillar ride.He and his father did 3 times ride while me busy taking video's of them.Our son wanted to ride the other manage but we didn't let him since it is start of getting very cold.So he was not realy happy.Well we try to let him understand that enough is enough he is not the boss.He just stop crying few minutes after.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Yesterday night and today we still in eleonor's place since she invited us for 2 days party.Last night we sleep around 4 am then at morning i was the last person who wake up.Well they are so nice though for not awaking me.Even my beloved husband he let me sleep as the same where in our house.I woke up around 11 am luckily the women who will do some demo for Partylite.It is almost the same as Tupperware party yet partylite is about scented candles.They are all nice and smells good.I bought some of course i choose the promotion while others are spending almost 200 euros for a candles not me.Well if they are happy good for them right?At this partylite party there are some french who came and joined us it is realy fun because after the partylite party we do karaoke and imagine french couple are trying hard to sing of course they sing a french song luckily for them my friend bought some chip french song in cebu it is expensive but it is ok for her husband.We enjoy watching this couple but no matter how they like to sing still my husband are not encourage to sing.He just watch and laughed.Then at lunch we eat together and as tradition my friend prepared a lot of food.We went back home at 6 pm.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Dinner chez eleonor

After my husband's scuba diving lesson we went to his parents house because i have a rendezvous me my driving lesson on Monday.We eat our lunch together then we do shopping.My husband went to his favorite game shop then me i just check if there is something interesting but sad to say that i am not in the mood of buying something.I am just excited of our date with my friend ann in paris.So it is only my husband again bought dvd's and games for himself.It is ok for me as long as he is happy.Me i am already thinking for our date with ann.Anyhow at night we went to my friend's house name eleonor we eat dinner and then they sing karaoke while drinking wine.It is mixed and they all got drunk.Me i didn't drink since my head still not ok.I just decided to drink orange juice but the other girls they are so much drunk that they sing and dance they even wanted to go to the disco tech not far in the house but i told them it is so much cold to go out so that is why they decided to stay.My husband was the only man in the group but he didn't feel sad since we all speak french in fairness for him.It is realy a wonderful night for us.Photos will be uploaded later.

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