Again shopping

It is really busy day since it is near Christmas so minutes is very important for us.Today we went to the mall to buy gifts and it is crazy so many people that it gives me headache.We didn't stay long at 5 pm we went back home since we bought had headache people likes panic buying everywhere.Most in electronics mall and i told my husband that if he still want to buy something better he will do it online and he said ok since he also understand and even him don't like to make cue to pay and he hates that.So there is some gifts that he didn't saw it in the mall he bought it through net.Well today i just happy that i received my 2 lancel bags that i order in net and i am very happy.My husband said it is nice and he told me that it is ok even i bought those bags since if he compared the price on what he bought for his DVDs and PlayStation's 3 stuffs it is less cheaper.And i am happy that he didn't make comments on it.Perhaps he feel that i am very open on any thing.