At last

Huh now i can rest.Since a week we have visitors here in our house most of the night we went to paris for night out.We took a tour all around paris by car and it is nice but tiresome.Imagine we went back home mostly midnight and i don't even have time to clean our house and not even to the washing now my laundry is horrible.Anyhow it is nice and fun since my son was very happy to play with his cousin.They enjoy making fun and fighting for vtech sometimes psp 3 even my son don't know how to play.Well me i am very exhausted we went back from paris around 4pm.We drop them to the train station it is very traffic in Paris that can gives you head ache.I hope when i pass my license i will not drive to paris.Parisian people are so much hypertension.Perhaps it is too crowded now.