Bag collection

Today i arranged our guest room since my inlaws where coming to celebrate christmas in our place.I was just surprised my box of bags where i kept them.My husband said oh la la les sacs de madame.But he is happy for me because he knows that it is nothing compare to his dvds.
These are the 3 photos of my bag collection they are my assorted brand bags like longchamp,LV,Solola and etc.I also have 5lancel bag collection i have 5 lancel,gucci,le coq sportif
too,quicksilver,burberry,guess,lancaster,ddp,and some bags that i bought in philippines; -)
You might wondering why so many bags well for me bag looks me more feminine.I love to match my bag with my dress or clothes.So it takes time for me to decided on which one that could match.I know it is just craziness but i am happy on what i had collected.


Amy said…
kadaghan ba ana!! ipasa ng uban diri naku bi? hehehe joke lang*