Bateau mouche @ paris

This night we went to paris to join the jeun au pair of Antoine.We decided to meet him in Eiffel tower and it is very funny because he was lost and it takes 45 minutes for him to walk by foot since he is more safe if he go by foot.We told him to ask direction but he said he saw the Eiffel tower as we know that it is very big that we can see in far.But any how we did to meet us and then we went to explore in bateau mouche in paris and i was a little bit upset because we let the jeune au pair used my digital camera and i don't know what he did.He changed the settings and now each time i tried to take a picture it is foggy.It is really sad not to take pictures on this moments that we had share.I knew that he was a little bit scared because he tried to fixed but i didn't let him in fact i fixed it in myself since i know more my camera.