Dinner chez eleonor

After my husband's scuba diving lesson we went to his parents house because i have a rendezvous me my driving lesson on Monday.We eat our lunch together then we do shopping.My husband went to his favorite game shop then me i just check if there is something interesting but sad to say that i am not in the mood of buying something.I am just excited of our date with my friend ann in paris.So it is only my husband again bought dvd's and games for himself.It is ok for me as long as he is happy.Me i am already thinking for our date with ann.Anyhow at night we went to my friend's house name eleonor we eat dinner and then they sing karaoke while drinking wine.It is mixed and they all got drunk.Me i didn't drink since my head still not ok.I just decided to drink orange juice but the other girls they are so much drunk that they sing and dance they even wanted to go to the disco tech not far in the house but i told them it is so much cold to go out so that is why they decided to stay.My husband was the only man in the group but he didn't feel sad since we all speak french in fairness for him.It is realy a wonderful night for us.Photos will be uploaded later.