Today me and my father in law went together for my driving lesson.I drive for an hour and he told me that it is ok but he notice that i am lost of my mechanics.Of course it is not easy for me since i am used to drive his car than the car of my driving school he told me that i will took some hours and practice for week before the exam so that i will use to it.After driving we went to marche saint Nicolas.It is like market where you can see cheap items and even known shops offers big discounts.I bought 1 pair of black boots since it is realy cheap and pure leather.I check for bags not so much nice.For clothes i ask my husband's opinion he said they are not nice since most of the time we crossed women that almost they same clothes.So he told me that it is not so nice if you can most the style are the same.Well i understand because even me i don't like so much that i see other girls that wear the same clothes as mine.At night we went to the manage.It is carnaval and our son cries when he notice that we will going back home.He loves the children caterpillar ride.He and his father did 3 times ride while me busy taking video's of them.Our son wanted to ride the other manage but we didn't let him since it is start of getting very cold.So he was not realy happy.Well we try to let him understand that enough is enough he is not the boss.He just stop crying few minutes after.