Feel bored

I don't have to much to do this day since i just arrive from my in laws place and i feel bored so what i did i phone my family in Philippines for an hour then after surfing then watching tv.At afternoon i play with my son and we realy enjoyed.I know it is like routine for me and sometimes i am bored on it.So that is why i told my husband that life is boring and he laugh he said ohh la la it is sounds bad he know that each time i said that i need to go out or else c'est catastrophe.He told me that he will buy Christmas tree today the real Christmas tree so that i will be busy putting decorations and i will not feel bored.He realy know his wife.Well perhaps i just feel this way since it is near Christmas and we all do that Christmas's in other country is realy different to Philippines.Imagine we can't hear Christmas songs no caroling so quite not like in Philippines.As i choose married life i must used it if Christmas season but realy different even i am already been here since 6 years still i miss the holiday season in my family.