Finish Christmass tree

Voila our simple but full of love Christmas tree lol.Well i say full of love because we realy help decorating this our Christmas tree and ever since it is the first Christmas tree that our son help and we realy see how happy he is.Hope that it would be the same for our Christmas's eve.As tradition we will celebrate the Christmas eve with my in laws but this time we are not sure if we will celebrate it in our house of in my inlaws house.Last year we celebrated in my sister in law's house.We are very happy lots of gift for children of course i received a wonderful gift from my in laws and one of my husband's gift is an orchid flower.


Amy said…
janese, bonne dimanche kaninyong tulo dinha! ready na jud imo xmas tree.. hulat nalang na sa mga pinotos. wink*

btw, bisita nya sa ako payag.. naa ko tagay nimo. hehehhe