First Christmas tree

When dom arrive home virgile and me were very happy to see that he brought a real christmas tree so i took a scissors to unwrap the christmass tree while our son is so much excited to that he want to help me.Check the first photo.

Virgile is very excited when he saw his papa bring this beautiful real christmas tree.He tried to remove the unwrapped it of course at this photo he just pretend we didn't let him touch any dangerous thing much more knife and scissors.Then when we finish unwrapping.He see the ornaments for the christmas tree and as he always watch the barnie dvd episode a NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS he knows it is the same from his dvd so he is realy happy to put his first ornament ever.

The third photo is his first Christmas decoration it is his first time putting the ornaments ever.Realy serious as you can see he don't even want me to help him.

Fourth photo is the serious virgile decorating his Christmas tree.While we enjoy taking pictures of him he don't care how busy we are all he wants to do is putting his ornaments.

Bravo virgile!!!He is very happy putting his first mistletoe.Even his papa is happy.Since virgile can't reach the top so his papa carry him and let him put this mistletoe.Now we will continue decorating the christmas tree.But i put virgile to his room is it is a little bit late and he has school tomorrow.He will be just surprise that our christmass is finish tomorrow.