I am thinking what would be the best gift for my son.He already had a lots of toys.Books is worst so many that i don't even know where to put them.My husband already knew what he will give to his son but me i really don't have no idea.I know it is strange but i told my husband now i am thinking to give him something that can help our son in the future and he agree on it.So i hope it is ok to give this kind of gift for him.I will not mention it here since it is still not Christmas yet.For my husband i already bought some and i hope he will be happy to received it since one of my gifts that i ordered he already open and used it grrr.He didn't wait until Christmas.Anyhow hope that this coming Christmas it will be joyful.


Hello there! said…
Dont worry you are not alone in this delemma. For me, books are not bad, c'est un outil pour apprendre. C'et tu veut qu'il devien cultiver donc, a book is the best gift you can give. Let me tell you a secret: I was so frustrated during my childhood days, because the only books my mother bought was those the school requires. How I wish I had those chidren books.