Yesterday night and today we still in eleonor's place since she invited us for 2 days party.Last night we sleep around 4 am then at morning i was the last person who wake up.Well they are so nice though for not awaking me.Even my beloved husband he let me sleep as the same where in our house.I woke up around 11 am luckily the women who will do some demo for Partylite.It is almost the same as Tupperware party yet partylite is about scented candles.They are all nice and smells good.I bought some of course i choose the promotion while others are spending almost 200 euros for a candles not me.Well if they are happy good for them right?At this partylite party there are some french who came and joined us it is realy fun because after the partylite party we do karaoke and imagine french couple are trying hard to sing of course they sing a french song luckily for them my friend bought some chip french song in cebu it is expensive but it is ok for her husband.We enjoy watching this couple but no matter how they like to sing still my husband are not encourage to sing.He just watch and laughed.Then at lunch we eat together and as tradition my friend prepared a lot of food.We went back home at 6 pm.