Shopping with ann

Today i went to paris for personal reason then ann phone me that she likes to join me so we set an place to meet each other since i am already in a good place for shopping.In chaussee d'antin where we can go around in printemps,galaries lafayette etc and some boutique as like as Maje.We enjoyed our afternoon shopping we didn't buy so much since we know that it is not so nice to expense a lot for unreasonable stuffs.We enjoy taking pictures for the beautiful lights

This beautiful christmass lights is taken in Printemps boutique they decorated all the way to their hallway.
This one is in Galaries La fayette it is very beautiful in real normally they put artificail snow but i was too late when i took picture but it is really magical.
See the photo?Even it is cold ngisi gihapon:-)We don't care on other people busy buying gifts.One of our happy day!


CLC Fashion said…
kagwapa sa duha uy! paki-regards ko kay Ann!!!
Hello there! said…
when u are with a dear friend, its easy to put a smile on your face... belated X-mas Jan!!