We went shopping tonight in Fnac.We bought gifts and i was just surprise that what my husband bought as a gift for his son.Our son already spoiled about this modern games or products.As i remember when we went to Singapore last march 2007 my husband bought dvd portable and Nintendo ds for his son even our son already had his game boy.Now he again bought another gift that i am sure our son will be happy to recieve it.It is ok for me because i know that it is for my son.In any case my husband already bought me so many things as like Sony Ericsson Deck Stand Speakers for Sony-Ericsson W850i and the accessories of his blue tooth he said it is nice to match with my cell.I told him it is not necessary but it was already too late he bought it when he went alone shopping in Singapore's computer mall.While me shopping alone too.We prefer to separated in terms of computer shopping since i am not so much addict about gadgets and i feel bored in this mall.Hope that for this Christmas gift it is not so much since for me it is just cost too much if he bought as expensive as he bought for his son.The more important for me is to be complete and happy this Christmas season since i feel that it is so much quite celebrating Christmas here.I miss my family in Philippines so much.