Thankful tag from Lazarus

Thankful Tag
I am thankful to received a thankful tag from Lazarus.
Here it goes:
List 10 things that you are thankful for.2007
For so many good happens in our family this 2007 which it is very difficult to choose which one is the best thing happen for this year

1.A surprise gift for my ph family.I am thankful to my husband that everything happen to me or my family in philippines he always there to comfort me.I know that he do his best for us and i know the he do his best to support my family in philippines.

2.New confort for my family in philippines.I am thankful to build their confort since they were kicked out by their landlord.I start constructing their small confort place then i let them finish if they have enough money though i can't give them all since i already help them for the lot and for the small part of the house.I am not strict yet i want to let them see that i also need their support for themselves.Me and my husband already help a little but it is not mean the we stop helping still if their is emergency happen they know we are always there for them.

3. Ebusiness. Happy to continue my ebusiness it helps a little.And now start little business and hoping very thing will be ok!

4.New cellphone.I do have cellphone but this year my husband bought me new one.I am happy to have it the good things are he also bought the accessories as like Sony Erickson Deck Stand Speakers and his blue tooth.

5. For my husband's job. i am thankful that he was promoted as a manager in his job.I am happy because now he travel less than before and i prefer to be with that thinking so many things if he travel.

6. New Sport.Just this year i started my new sport like roller blade.Yup still courageous to do this sport even I've got an accident.Well why stop if i am very motivated lol.

7.New lancel bags.I love so much bags.I don't care if it is branded or not as long as it looks nice but this year i didn't notice that i bought 4 pieces of lancel bags different models.

8.Blogging,As we do know that i start my blog well hoping to earn online.It helps me also to update my profile and let my family read and hear how i am now.

9.Friends.Some friends is just like a wind they come and go.But i am happy to have a special friend this year and hope we will be more happier next year.For my new friends don't hesitate to email me so that you know me more.

10.The last is last vacation in php.I am very happy to stayed my family during my vacation in php.I stayed 1 month but it is too short for us and i already missed them so much.

Now i pass this tag to jackie,marie