Saturday, October 13, 2007

French Vs English

To be a good player you need to accept weither you lose or win.Vive la france!!!

Gagné ou Perdu.Vous etes le mielleur!!!Sad that we the french team didn't won but bitting the ALL BLACKS are the most historical game!Perhaps it is not their luck but eventhough it is too much sad that we know that they played well.Streets are quite tonight to blowing of horns,no people shouting .BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME!!!


Life is not easy if you don't know what you realy like.For me i already had so many goal in life yet to achieve all this goal i need to help myself first.First to encourage that all things can be possible as long i am motivated on it!yet!Is not easy for me since i am in a 2nd country.Yes i had my 2nd nationality which is french.But it is not mean that i will forgot all my plan.Step by step i need to prove espcialy myself that i am achiever one.But there are times that even how hard you try still you will face trials.Trials can make me stronger to proceed.I am sorry i can't mention the events that for me it is quite personel though i am less sad to say it to my blog.And i will continue to my other goal in life.Passing my driving license.I know how to drive now yet i am still waiting for schedule to my driving school to pass the driving exam.

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